Sunday, November 25, 2007

Memory Power -Technique 6 : Journey

If you take a regular journey to somewhere, using the same route over and over, the chances are that right now you will be able to sit down and recall each individual step along the way. Whether you are walking, driving or a passenger familiarity will mean that you have in your mind both sequence and unique images all ready to drop in your lists or other information that you want to store away.

Imagine a train journey that you might take to work, you ride past stations that you can identify not only by sight, without reference to a sign, but you know which station is before it and which station is after it.

All you need to do to memorise your information is place your key images on each station. Of course if you can identify other points in your journey – bridges, fields, office blocks and so forth – then you will have many more points of reference that will provide you with the building blocks and pegs for your memory system.

What’s more, because of the flexibility of this system, and because it relies on nothing more than familiarity with the real world, it is very easy to drop in the other systems.

Earlier you learned how to create a system of 1000 images, but if you had a journey of 10 stations, you could use each station in combination thereby increasing to 10 thousand separate images! Believe me, this is not impossible and you can search the internet to find such record breakers!

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